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Building Spotlights
Eclipse Apartments

156 Vincent St, Auckland City, Auckland

Building Description

Zest Apartments

72-78 Nelson St, Auckland City, Auckland

Building Description

512 apartments located at 72-76 Nelson Street, offering fantastic views over the Harbour, Ponsonby and west Auckland from most rooms and provides convenient pedestrian access to Queen Street and the CBD.




  • Link bus route (<500m)
  • A good selection of ethnic restaurants. (<500m)
  • Britomart transport centre, supermarket and ferry terminals (< 1500m)
  • Convenience store (<10m)
  • University campus (<1000m)
  • Aotea square (<500m)
  • Auckland Library and Auckland Art gallery (<1000m)
  • Sky City casino and theatre complex (<50m)
  • Viaduct Harbour and nightlife (<700m)
  • Victoria Park markets and supermarket (<200m)

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Apartments in Auckland City.

Fun Facts!

Q. What are some of Auckland's smallest apartments?

A. Mount Terrace - Apt 4B Bedsit 9sq.m

A. Kiwi on Queen -Apt 104 16 sq.m

A. Cityzone Apartments - Apt 710 18 sq.m

Q. What apartment in Auckland has the greatest number of carparks?

A. Harbour City - Apt 17G 14 Carparks!

Q. What are some of Auckland's biggest apartments?

A. Lighter Quay North - Penthouse 5A 4 Beds | 5 Baths | 5 Carparks | 430 sq.m (exl Decks)

A. Stamford Residences - Penthouse 2301 3 Beds | 4 Baths | 3 Carparks | 411 sq.m (exl Decks)

A. Shed 24 - Penthouse 64 4 Beds | 4 Baths | 0 Carparks | 408 sq.m (exl Decks)

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